Six objectives must be completed in order to qualify for the Rule the Universe wizard mode, as follows:

  • Super Jets: Score a specified number of hits on the pop bumpers to light Super Jets (worth 3 million points per hit).
  • 5-Way Combo: Complete consecutive shots (each within a timed interval) through any lit loops or ramps in a specified combination to score a large bonus.
  • Super Jackpot: During multiball, complete five jackpot shots to light the Super Jackpot, which continuously toggles around each of the five jackpot locations.
  • Martian Multiball: Destroy all four Martians during “Martian Attack” to begin Martian Multiball.
  • Total Annihilation: Shoot all four ramps/loops three times each to begin this four-ball mode.
  • Conquer Mars: Defend all major cities and fly to Mars to destroy the Martian Empire.

Once all six objectives are met, the player can shoot the “Stroke of Luck” scoop to begin Rule the Universe. This is a four-ball multiball, with every playfield shot and target lit for maximum scoring. Scoring at least 5 billion points in this mode awards an additional 5 billion.

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