The Space Jam pinball machine has many noteworthy features that make up its pinball experience. On the main playfield, there are six red arrows pointing to critical targets. From left to right, they are as follows: Left Loop, Captive Ball, Basket, Jump Ball, Ramp, and Right Loop. These targets help players complete some of the seven planets surrounding Michael Jordan as well as score jackpots in Multiball mode. There is also a basket at the end of the launch ramp for skill shot opportunities. Before launching the ball with the plunger, players can choose an award to receive upon a successful skill shot into the launch basket: 300,000 points, Lite Lock / Lock Ball (advances one level up in the Jump Ball), Wabbit Hole (randomly selects a mystery prize or minigame to be played), or Super Pops (increases the bumper threshold’s strength). If the player does not make the basket, 50,000 points will still be awarded. However, if the player does make the basket and had selected 300,000 points, Lite Lock / Lock Ball, or Super Pops, he/she will be given a few seconds to earn a super skill shot by shooting the left basket ramp for 10 basketball points.

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